I think Health IT can change the world.

I did my Bachelor's degree in Public Health because I've always been interested in understanding both the complexity of the human body and the healthcare system. After I finished my undergrad, I worked as a Product Manager at a Health Information Technology company. Most of the Health IT software I encountered was not very usable: usability has never been the industry's primary concern...meaning there's a lot of interesting work to be done!

I'm an idealist (Myers-Briggs = INFP), so it's also important to me that my work be contributing to the overall betterment of society. 


Sample Projects


Rcopia Mobile: Mobile Medication Prescribing for Physicians

DrFirst (Health IT company), Nov - Apr 2015 (6 months), Product Management & UX Design


Rcopia Mobile is a mobile accompaniment for DrFirst's flagship product, a web-based medication prescribing tool. As part of a backend and frontend overhaul of the software, the company wanted to develop its first mobile offering since the Palm Pilot, one that satisfied both standalone and integrated users' needs. We designed a solution that made prescribing on a small screen quick through predictive analytics and innovative 'form-like' design. See full case study



Akario Backline: Secure Messaging for Physician/Nurse Collaboration

DrFirst (Health IT company), Dec 2012 - Apr 2015 (2.5 years), Product Management & UX Design


Chatting applications are fast and easy for workplace collaboration, but government regulations such as HIPAA prohibit physicians and nurses from messaging patient information over insecure communication channels. Akario Backline is a healthcare secure messaging application that works on iOS, Android, and web. I worked as a Product Specialist and then Associate Product Manager on the product, writing product requirements for an Agile development team and training teams from other departments such as Sales and Support.



Akario Enterprise: Enterprise Administration Tool

DrFirst (Health IT company), Dec 2012 - Apr 2015 (2.5 years), Product Management & UX Design


Enterprise products are their own beast, requiring heavy oversight and audit capabilities by administrators. Akario Enterprise is the management tool for the Akario Healthcare Secure Communication Suite. It allows Hospital Administrators to manage user accounts, view usage statistics and reports, and audit when needed. I worked closely with a developer to do a complete re-design of the tool, and wrote product requirements that provided the administration needed for new features in the Akario Backline messaging product. 



LifeKey: Custom Keyboard for the Deaf to Text 9-1-1

 Regional Health Literacy Coalition, Sep - Dec 2016 (4 months), Client Management & UX Design


LifeKey is a custom keyboard that facilitates communication between the Deaf and emergency personnel. We were initially tasked with developing a tool that would improve health literacy among Deaf individuals, as part of a partnership between the Regional Health Literacy Coalition and the Carnegie Mellon University School of Design. We found that communicating in an emergency situation was particularly stressful for the Deaf, and worked with emergency services and Deaf individuals to design this keyboard and corresponding app. See full case study


Me looking fierce in my Emergency Medical Technician uniform :-)

Me looking fierce in my Emergency Medical Technician uniform :-)