Highlighted Projects


A sample of projects from my industry and academic experiences, detailing user research methods, design process, and lessons learned. Contact me to get access to password-protected projects.


Medication prescribing app

UX Design, Product Management

911 keyboard for the Deaf

User Research, UX Design

Retail purchasing*

*Password protected

Expertise Areas


A look at what I'm particularly passionate about, and some relevant job positions and projects from these three areas.


User research

Mobile design



About Me

Photo credit: Deb Felsey

Photo credit: Deb Felsey


The Vitals

  • 5+ years of experience as a Product Manager and UX Designer

  • Master's Degree in Human-Computer Interaction from Carnegie Mellon University

  • Currently in Philadelphia, looking for positions in Washington, DC

  • Thoughtful, creative, continually improving

The Longer Story

I found my way to UX while working as a Product Manager at DrFirst, a Health IT company. I wondered if there wasn't a better way to design software, a way that would ensure our users would enjoy using what we created. I stumbled across a book about UX in the free pile of books in my Washington, DC, apartment building...and, well, the rest is history-in-the-making. I took the General Assembly part-time UX Design course while working, and then when I was sure UX was my passion, I headed back to school to complete my Master's in Human-Computer Interaction at Carnegie Mellon University. Since April 2017, I've worked for Think Company, a research and design consultancy based in Philadelphia. Consulting has given me the chance to work on multiple projects in a short period of time: one day I'm diving headfirst into headhunting, the next I'm learning about how to make a citation analysis tool more approachable for research librarians. 

I'm a pretty quiet, thoughtful person, with a slightly odd sense of humor when you get to know me. I'm project-oriented, and have proven that I can take an idea from big picture stage to nitty-gritty details. I love baking, arts and crafts, country music, and quiche. 

Currently, I'm actively seeking a new position in the Washington, DC area. I'm looking for a supportive work environment, with employees focused on learning new skills together and building off each others' ideas. Designing for a product I care passionately about is also a must.

Contact me at leeyat.tessler@gmail.com.